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The Key is Application

Have you ever read a book that seemed to change your life almost immediately after you read it? I know I have... to give you an example of a book like that in my own life, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz was a book that came into my life in early 2019. At that time, I had already read multiple self-help books, but this book was one of the first truly effective self-help books that I had read up until that point. The 4 agreements highlighted in this book profoundly changed the way I saw my daily mindset and habits. Through applying these commitments to my own life, the Four Agreements inspired me to create book reviews on my personal blog A New Way with Noah in order to share the valuable information I was receiving from this and any of the future books that I would read and benefit from. So what is so special about this particular book?

In The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz highlights and thoroughly explains the 4 simple agreements or commitments we can make in order to begin to transform our lives immediately. This key word, "commitments", is the reason why this book is so effective over many self-help books on the market... it doesn't just leave a reader with feel-good information, it also challenges everyone who reads it to commit, and to follow through with those commitments on a daily basis! The 4 agreements that this book calls us to make are the following:

  1. Be Impeccable with your words.

  2. Don't take anything personally.

  3. Don't make assumptions.

  4. Always do your best.

If you would like a deeper understanding of these 4 commitments and why they are so life-changing, you can watch the newly updated video book review originally posted in 2019 here, but that is not the intention behind this insight you are reading now. Although this book was deemed worthy enough to be able to highlight on our website, you'll notice that In A New Way consists of much more than just information having to do with these 4 commitments. In A New Way is a platform which, correspondingly to the Four Agreements, calls it's viewership to do much more than simply consume good information, or what we like to call "feel good fluff"... because we know that it takes more than good information to become your personal best! It takes more than reading one self-help book, or even hundreds of self-help books, before you can expect to have it all! The more effective way to reach true progress and personal fulfillment is to be a person who applies what they read about, and through that application of the right information, becomes the walking, talking gift to humanity!

Most self-help books and programs are designed to naturally draw you out of a state of lacking personal fulfillment... but how can golden nuggets contained in books such as the Four Agreements make any lasting change if the readers are not applying these commitments to their own lives and seeing the results for themselves? Reading even the best books on earth will not help anyone unless the reader is willing and able to make the choice to apply what they've learned to their own personal lives. Reading life-enhancing information and then failing to then properly apply it in your life is like skydiving without a parachute... you may feel amazing for a little while, but eventually you'll just crash hard, instead of having a nice, gentle ride (not to mention a beautiful view), and landing safely.

That is the intention of what we do at In A New Way; instead of just giving you motivation to make the jump, we give you the gear you need in order to land safely and gently into your most authentic self possible. You were created for greatness, not just for reading about it. You have the capability within yourself to connect with and apply the truth In A New Way that benefits you in ways that are eternal, not just temporary. That is why we have widespread topics sourced to one website that cover every angle that you may need to connect with and apply, so that when you face new obstacles and issues in life, you already know of a place where you can get the right information at the very moment you need it most!

At In A New Way, we resource you to the information that when applied properly will benefit your life in every way emotionally, physically, and spiritually! That is why we are so grateful that you, dear reader, are taking the time to connect with this post and our website. By just being here and reading these words, you are exemplifying the motivation that is within you already to be your best possible self! Now, with the right direction and guidance, you can continue that transformation which is destined to benefit not just yourself but your whole family and possibly the entire world! With that being said, I would personally like to share the simple direction that makes a lasting difference. When you tune into an episode of the OIC Podcast, watch a video, read a post, or take advantage of any of the content on our website... it is critical that you do more than just accept the gift of good information. When you take our recommendation to apply what you've learned, you are also grabbing hold of a parachute. You then have a much better opportunity to actually experience the results you are looking for, instead of just having a temporary good feeling!

If you desire further guidance in your life on how to apply the information featured on our website, we welcome you to at any time reach out to us through our email, and ask the questions that you need clarification on in your life. We also welcome you to inquire about A New Way life coaching services, where you will be able to experience the life-changing difference that it makes to have one of our certified life coaches walk with you personally through your life situations in a way that both challenges you and makes you feel comfortable. Through these services you will have someone in your life who truly strives to aid you in becoming the very best, most fulfilled person you can be every single day of your life! We take great pleasure in being your go-to source of life enhancing information and personally applicable teachings, and would like to thank you for reading this post today. If you have any value to add to it, don't hesitate to share that with everyone who it may positively effect today in the comments! We are grateful for any added value you feel inspired to share here, and hope that this post has inspired you to always make the decision to not just read, watch, or listen to information has made a difference in people's lives, but to also apply it to your life so that you can experience those life changing differences yourself.

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