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A New Way with Noah

Thank you for being here and for getting to know me better today! No matter who is presently reading, I am humbled that you are taking the time to learn about my life. It may be that you know me already, or that we have never met in person... either way, I would like to thank every one of you for being a blessing in my life just by reading this short bio! My Name is Noah Hanson. I am the creator of In A New Way, where I am authoring this personal blog, "A New Way with Noah" as well as co-hosting the OIC Podcast with my personal mentor and friend, KC Peterson! I am again humbled and doubly blessed to be able to thank all of you who have already signed up on our website. A humongous thank you also to everyone who has provided any feedback or resources, such as our Patreon subscribers. Because of you we are able to grow the amount of opportunities we can provide for others In A New Way! I also appreciate everybody who decides to contribute by commenting on any of the videos, podcasts, or blog posts we create! We all have a lot of value that we can provide to anyone who may need it on this site, and I look forward to a great time doing just that! The intention of our website is to ground you in an unshakable foundation emotionally, physically and spiritually. I am 25 years old, and many of those years have been spent preparing me to create this platform. One thing is for sure when it comes to my life's journey; I have been profoundly blessed... in a few short years I have accumulated some wonderful adventures and experiences worth sharing with you on this blog! I have been to all sorts of territory already in my lifetime, exploring the continental USA, as well as my own consciousness and psyche. What I have discovered, learned and applied is an entirely new way of living that keeps on growing me as a person on a daily basis! Before this discovery of life & In A New Way, I took two journeys across America with a specific purpose and intention. Those two journeys resulted in success. For the most part I found what I was seeking, but what I was seeking was discovered in ways that I never would have expected! Between those two life journeys and now I have gained a far more purified and clear understanding of myself. I also gained clarity, and a feeling of purpose that I had never known in my life before.

To give you a clearer picture of what my life has been like, I will briefly summarize the two journeys I took. The first time that I ever traveled outside of my home state of WI solo, I drove to the eastern cities in CO such as Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder. That road trip took place the summer after I graduated high school in 2015; you can hear more about it in the ongoing video series "Journey to A New Way" on the A New Way YouTube channel. The second time I had a major adventure was during the summer of 2017, traveling by way of my own two feet and the kindness that a large family of kind strangers showed me. I left with only a backpack, a walking stick, and the feeling that life would never be the same. That hitchhike took me all the way to Los Angeles, the city of Angels. During that journey a lot of progress was made in my life physically, spiritually, and mentally. I also gained my fair share of memories that I will never forget. During this hitch hike, complete strangers showed me immense kindness, and I was put in front of many people who's words helped me see the world in a new way. I began to realize there is a depth to life, even in the ”usual” everyday life surrounding me on a daily basis, that I was not aware of fully yet. This second adventure and powerful journey ended at its peak in Los Angeles with an injury that was so serious that the trauma had wiped the memory of the entire event of getting injured. That being said, even though I to this day haven’t remembered how I got injured, the very same day of that injury was one I will never forget. I learned a lot on the last days before the injury about how to truly be myself. That story is one I will be telling soon, and will not be revealed in this bio. Moving on, the injury sent me back to my home state of Wisconsin. Recovery gave me a lot of time to continue my journey of self discovery, to dive deeper into my pursuit of truth, and to pray, reflect, and learn more about what truly matters in this life. I recovered surprisingly quickly from my injuries. Soon after my physical recovery I was also blessed with many seasons of newfound emotional, spiritual and mental clarity. I have a greater understanding now of the reasons for many of the events in my past.

In regards to the entire In A New Way platform, it is important to note that honesty is a key to true personal success. With this in mind, I will strive to create an honest environment on and offline, rather than a presumptuous and judgmental one. The purpose for creating this website is to build a spiritually mature environment for people to share the best version of themselves in many ways. My intention is to be the walking, talking example of the truth that makes a difference in the lives of everyone I come in contact with. I am confident that is also the intention for many of you being here! In one small step towards accomplishing this purpose and intention, we have created the In A New Way website. Anyone who visits this site has the opportunity instantly to discover a life changing golden nugget of information, which they in turn share with their family, friends and loved ones! At In A New Way all that is required is to be respectful. Shutting down other individuals in an obvious and blatantly disrespectful way (AKA Hatefully "Trolling") is not allowed. Responding to comments that you find disrespectful just for the sake of argument is not encouraged. If you feel someone is being disrespectful, clarifying questions are encouraged due to the fact that these will often be able to quickly reveal more about another person's intention in conversation. Ask whether they meant what you had heard them say, and why they feel that way. Do not make assumptions before hearing an answer. If there is still any clear and direct ill-intent being expressed by another person, you have the ability to contact me through the Useful links page! That out of the way, I want to let anyone reading this article know that this website is precisely what I needed in my life, but what was lacking many years ago. I am proud to be here with you all, sharing life-transformative and enriching information. The information shared throughout A New Way and this entire website is the type that has now grounded me and given me an unshakable foundation, allowing for continuous upward creativity and growth! This website is where I will continue building a place for us all to tell stories, share insights, and lift each other up always with authenticated truth. Here at In A New Way, we can build up not only our own foundations but also everyone else’s we come in contact with. Together at In A New Way we have the opportunity to take our next big adventure the right way first… In A New Way!

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