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A New Way to View Current World Events

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The world is going through a period of chaos, especially in highly populated areas, and this chaos will continue to grow it seems. A lot of serious questions are being asked; What do we do now? How can I protect my loved ones and myself? Is there anything I should be doing? No matter who you are, it is deeply important to get answers from a place that you can trust. ”Secular”, and “Mainstream Media” news sources are motivated by high ratings and views. They prioritize ratings even when it means failing to bring the authentic truth to the people. This is why you see false portrayals such as footage of a hospital on New York news airing the same video clip that aired on Italy news a week earlier. This hospital footage was presumably recorded in Italy, however New York used the footage while saying that it was footage from a New York hospital. The ratings were great.. Who cares if it is the real thing? Well, a In A New Way, we care. Everyone who resonates with the information at In A New Way believes that when we are given answers to our questions, we need to be able to trust the sources we receive answers from! The importance of authenticated truth and trustworthy sources of information goes without saying!

When we ask ourselves or get asked questions of importance such as the ones listed above, we can sometimes start to get fearful. The toughest part of the world going through chaos is this; we have no choice but to go with it. We either have the option to fear these changes, or transform and adapt because of them. “Back to normal” has never really been a option. We are on a never ending journey of endless ways to express oneself and live a full life. What if someone told you that no matter what the world is going through, you can keep getting better? What if when the world is causing a lot of fear in many people's lives, we can easily choose to be a benefactor instead? Both to others and ourselves. What if, by choosing to view our place in the world in a new way, we might even get the opportunity to save lives?

As a group of people who care about what we can do for God, the world, and each other, we believe that this is a very real option. It is more than an option, it is a step that everyone who is capable needs to take! When the world goes through phases of chaos and change, there are always strong messages of hope that make their way into the minds and hearts of people. How can this be? What determines that a message is a hopeful one? Well I will tell you.

The world is a crazy place, that is a known fact. There are always wacky things being done here, but just because the world is crazy doesn’t mean we have to be crazy with it.

What I mean is, we have the opportunity to be a voice of reason, a voice of hope, and back up that voice with our actions. Sometimes it may seem like it is the crazier option to be a person who voices messages of hope in an unhappy world, and the only sane thing to do is to be fearful. This is in fact "normal" in our world, but never let that feeling talk you out of still choosing to speak up about what is important! Just because something is awkward and abnormal, doesn’t mean that it is not the best option!

We do not go through periods of major change simply to hide and wait for things to go back to “normal”. On the contrary, I believe that times of major change in the world are opportunities to be a positive influence for the people we care about. There is a growing need for us to stay connected with a person, a group, or an organization which can speak empowering truth into our lives. The world is shifting dramatically, and we know that there are a lot of people who are watching or reading this that feel the same. This is a new way of approaching these shifts and changes in the world!

We are now in a scenario where many people’s lives are being redirected, and in many cases they are not going in the right direction. The power of just one voice of truth could determine a person’s pathway leading them to success or devastation. This makes it absolutely critical for the people who know life-saving truth to speak up! There is no time for us to play around, we need to get serious. If we have a voice, we were made to use it for good purposes. Our hand at In A New Way reaches out to any of you who resonate with their mission to be that voice, the voice of truth. If you choose to take my hand, then In A New Way is the place to manifest our new partnership and shared mission! At In A New Way we are working to become the only platform of its kind in the world today on which the truth can be shared freely, and respectfully discussed between anyone! The fruit grown from the seeds of truth planted on the website are powerful! The information we share is the truth that sets men free according to God’s word. It is the truth that empowers people to gain the know-how to make all the most intelligent and well-informed decisions in their life starting immediately!

So whether you are someone who is looking for the truth, or looking to share the truth that has empowered your life with other people, In A New Way is for you! Sign up on our website for free today! Don’t miss the new OIC Podcast & Video series, and give us a tip for this video by becoming a valued Patreon contributor! Remember that at In A New Way we assist you in sharing the truth that you know can make a positive difference! Thank you!

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