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Aware: "Woke" In A New Way!

There was a time in my own life when I considering myself "Woke". That time is long passed though. Throughout the years I have had many differing viewpoints on politics, moral issues, and spirituality. My life took a major turn in 2017-2018 when I realized that there was an objective truth to life which I was just beginning to discover, and many things I once considered set-in-stone truth were merely my desires & assumptions. The mindset of "woke" which I so admired about myself and others now seemed to be and easy way out that I had been taking so as to not acknowledge my unwillingness to properly research or consider certain topics. You see, my form of research (when done independent of courses I was generally uninterested in) was formed around my own already established interests. My issue was that I made many assumptions without going the distance to look at opposing viewpoints or evidence for contrary worldviews which I had no interest in looking into.

To clarify, the term "woke" has grown into a commonly used term for many people as a shortened version of "awakened". During my turning point of 2017-2018 I realized that even though I had thought of myself as an awakened person in the past, I still had a lot to learn... not only regarding my already established viewpoints but about topics which I previously thought little about, and knew very little about. When this realization hit, I discovered how to conduct myself and seek truth In A New Way! The new way I had discovered includes being open minded to other people's views and opinions, discernment of credible sources vs. untrustworthy sources, and a careful consideration of how I share my viewpoints with others. In this post you will learn about the difference that I made in my life when I switched from a "woke" mindset, to the much more preferable state of "awareness". This awareness has allowed me to gain clarity & focus when researching information, leading me to living my life In A New Way! I hope that you will agree and apply the steps laid out in this post so that it can benefit your life as a truth seeker in the same ways it has in my own truth-seeking journey!

Awareness of the Authentic Truth

What does it mean for truth to be authentic? There are several aspects of authentic truth which define authentic truth for me:

  • Information with the "ring of truth" to it meaning it does not seem to be made up or created with a political or any other agenda in mind, besides the agenda of sharing truthful information/experiences.

  • Information that can be verified. Very little can be authentically "Proven", but the act of collecting and analyzing evidence can lead us to conclusive resolutions to most of our questions in life.

  • Information that is authentically believed to be the truth by another person or group of people... This is the only category which can very easily include false information. What makes it authentic is the person or people's belief in it, not the truthfulness of the information itself. In other words, this is always a personal truth, but easily can be contradictory of ultimate or objective truth.

Information with the "ring of truth" does not seem to care about cultural, political, or any other type of agenda in society which would need to be appealed to, in order to be easily accepted by a large group of people. The ring of truth simply presents information regardless of how a society will feel about it. In other words, when it includes certain words, phrases, or accounts to which there is no good answer to when you ask the question, "Why would I lie?", there is a ring of truth. It is powerful to always be conscious and aware of whether something has a ring of truth to it, or if it seems to be trying to fit into a certain politically or otherwise motivated narrative!

Verification is important, however when something is verified it is not necessarily proven beyond a doubt. For many years humanity held the assumption that matter was made up of particles. This assumption was held to be a proven truth, and indeed there was evidence to back this up! With the new studies in quantum physics we now understand that there is more to the material picture than just particles. The discovery of the dual-nature of light as both particle and wave has now proven that everything which is made of matter is not simply made of smaller particles! That being said, we can form near-conclusive assumptions about the truthfulness of information from collecting and analyzing evidence. I believe that this is important and always a necessary step to take when forming beliefs, opinions, and worldviews in life. Having awareness of the ways in which we decide whether something is genuinely trustworthy or not is a valuable mindset!

When we have awareness of truth that is authentically believed, we understand that the beliefs we have do not have proper evidence, (besides our own personal testimony) that can authenticate the information in which we are believing. With awareness of this we need to understand that though we authentically believe something, we cannot strive too hard to convince someone else of these personal truths in life. Without proper evidence to verify our belief, we should be careful as to not continue to push our belief on another human being if they are not willing to accept our personal testimony.

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