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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

There are a lot of things to cover here, so take your pick! This is what we at A New Way consider to be worth discussing. They are they subjects worth looking into and having a respectful and enlightening discussion on. These are the topics regarding dreams we at A New Way believe would be beneficial to talk about more often;

Lucid Dreaming, Night terrors/nightmares, Death in dreams, Day dreams, Fantasy vs. reality, and what dreams might be showing us/dream symbols.

What would you like to have an in-depth conversation on? You can come home in A New Way for an educational time learning and speaking about these topics that interest you most, at anytime that fits into your schedule. Thank you! We can't wait to see you comments on this post, otherwise contact us for a one on one!

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I would have to say yes to this. I Know for most people that if you go to bed stressed/something on your mind or a memory that has a negative hold on you that you are more prone to have night terrors/ sleep paralysis due to them. You wake up freaking out or just out of it with a fearful or negative mind set which then includes the LOA. Negative breaths neg. Positive breaths Positive. Another case is if you go to bed and feel great about the next day and a clear/cleansed mind you tend to have better dreams and wake up refreshed with a beautiful outlook.


Noah Hanson
Noah Hanson
08 août 2019

Hey everyone! I appreciate your views! I wanted to share first on this post on dreams to pose a question. This subject in my own life holds a great deal of meaning. I have already experienced many lucid dreams at my young age and although lately I haven't had as many as I was a year ago, I still have dreams that mean a lot to me. I have discovered that the symbolism of dreams often has a lot to do with my waking life. So much has been revealed to me in my dreams that allows me to be in a better place when I am awake. I have even had a few joyful cries brought on by dreams…

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