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Hello everyone!

In this post I will be sharing the intention behind many of the designs that are already available on various items in our merchandise store! Then I will be sharing some other options that you may be interested in seeing us create!

The Intention behind many of the design options on our website is to send a positive "vibe" or message out everywhere you go! What we wear is going to be seen by people, so we believe that we have the opportunity to transform lives In A New Way, just by wearing the messages that can resonate with people that read what they say! Sometimes the short, positive messages that we give to people can aid their lives more than know, whether on purpose or without us even being aware of what we did for others. That is why we created a store with positive, resonating messages that are simple and effective at passing the good vibes forward just in case it could change someone's life in a positive way!

All proceeds of the merchandise store are currently going towards a relief fund that is aiding those who are struggling during these times to see every positive gift that is in their life, and can use our aid to overcome obstacles they are facing due to the pandemic. You may watch "Political, Scripted, and Authentic messages" on the OIC Podcast to learn more here! Thank you!

Now I will be sharing some alternative options for the designs already up on the website, plus some more design possibilities for the future to be included on the store!

First of all is the design you've probably already seen me wear personally on a T-shirt. I wore it on the third video in the Hiking to Happiness series, where I am sharing the story of my personal journey which I took from Wisconsin to LA, California the summer of 2017.

This design may have either the original words, "Take the Scenic Route", but if you request otherwise, we will switch the words to "Take the Road Less Traveled" as is pictured below!

Second we have another option for the "Knowledge, it's life changing" design, with "Knowledge" being replaced with "Intelligence"!

The following designs are just a few other options that we can by request upload to the store if you are wanting to purchase one of them as a donation to the cause! We also invite you to consider designs that you would like to see us create to post on our store, we are always open to your ideas! Just contact us at Thank you for your generous support!

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