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Reactions vs. Response-Ability!

This short insight is a call to begin, if you haven't already, transforming the way you make your everyday life choices. With this insight we intend to enable you to make decisions from a place of well thought-out response, instead of a place of mindless reaction! The difference between these two can be as easy as taking a few seconds of your time for consideration, but the difference that it can make in your life and others is far-reaching! Transitioning from a place of reaction into response will enable you to create more of the relationships, connections, and opportunities in life that mean the most to you!

Hello! My name is Noah Hanson. I am a professional life coach and a creator of In A New Way! The life of opportunity I am experiencing today did not come without any past regrets... there have been many times when I wish I had spoken, done, or even thought differently! That is the reason why I am writing this post, because of the simple, positive & powerful transformation which allows me to make more of the decisions that I can feel good about, and less of the ones which are not benefitting me or anyone else in any way. The decisions we make on a daily basis are not small in number; from what to eat for breakfast to the time we set our alarms (if at all) for the next morning. Believe it or not, even these seemingly small decisions can have profound effects on our daily lives! For example, regarding our choice of breakfast in the morning: in a reaction-based mindset, we may be more inclined to choose the food which our body's taste buds are craving in the morning. This could be anything from a nice, healthy apple to a doughnut. The reaction mindset says that anything goes, and it doesn't matter which we choose, it's a simple matter of taste! In divergence from this reaction to our body's morning cravings, when we take a moment to consider our setting and environment, we have more opportunity to choose what is right and most beneficial, rather that what merely feels or tastes good. For example, if we have an upcoming track meeting which we have been preparing for all season, we will probably be more inclined to choose the fruit over the doughnut.

The only way this choice can be made consciously is if we are in a response-based mindset! If we wake up and don't take the time to consider our setting (which in this case is the day of an important track meeting) we may find ourselves "running on autopilot" and reaching for that doughnut, leading to a sugar-filled stomach which does not suit the body well when it comes to running track. Likewise, if we had not payed any attention to the important track meet the night before, then it's more likely that our alarm wasn't set to a proper time, causing us to be sleep deprived! Hopefully you can already see from these simple examples how important it is to begin moving from reaction (acting on our every whim without thought to the consequences), to response (taking more time to reflect, consider, and choose)! The difference is made when we are more aware of the implications of the choices we make, and are willing to make the decisions that are most beneficial to ourselves and to other people. To keep this insight short, I will not be giving any more examples of the difference between reaction and response in this post. Consider the list below for options which you can implement today that will aid you in becoming a response-able person, so that you don't have to be a slave to the reactions that you may have otherwise acted upon!

Reinforce your response-based mindset with these simple tools!

  • Create a list of daily reminders and tasks. You may even set phone reminders to give you notifications throughout your day!

  • When you are with other people, listen! Engaging in active listening means that we hear everything a person has to say, not just the bits and pieces that we have a positive or negative reaction towards.

  • Cultivate response-ability by developing the habit of taking a breather when you feel overly emotional. Whether happy, sad, infuriated, or confused, taking a few slow, deep breathes can be a game changer! Deep breathing is an effective way to mellow out your internal emotional environment, allowing you to be capable of a more centered approach to whatever decisions you are making at that time.

  • Take time to practice mindfulness each day! This is a wonderful way to grow your mental strength and create more space in your mind to reflect, consider your options, and look for alternative thoughts, words, and actions that you manifest in the world around you! We at In A New Way recommend the Institute of HeartMath's Heart/Brain Coherence technique, which you can learn HERE!

In A New Way is a platform which we invite you to contribute your own insights to! If there are any relevant insights on this topic that you feel you can personally contribute, please comment on this insight!

If you would like to continue learning more information relevant to the difference between reaction vs. response, click on any one of the links below! Thank you for taking this journey with us on this insight which we believe can aid you in living your life in a positive, healthy new way!

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