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The Free Truth

The truth in it’s authenticity is what sets us free! I have been interested in learning authentic truth for a long time. The truth of the world, nature, God, spirituality, and life in general. This pursuit of truth has not always been a reality in my life. I have learned many things that I believed were true at the time of learning them, only to find out later that these things were not actually as true as I thought. One great example is the stories I have been told as a young child... you know the easy ones; Santa Claus and his flying reindeer, Columbus being responsible for discovering America, on top of that being someone to commend for his actions, the tooth fairy, and the many other stories that contain no basis in truth or that are only partial truths. Some profound un-truths that I have awakened to more recently are the following:

  • The false assumption in science that all things are at their foundation made of matter, aka “scientific materialism”, which is proven untrue by the “double slit experiment” and some others in the field of quantum physics. Thousands of people have not learned this yet even though it’s been a known truth in science now for decades.

  • The lie that the Bible and science contradict. Though the Bible is not a scientific text, there are many profound scientific truths in the Bible, and when the scriptures tell of scientific ideas, it has always been proven right (I.e the oceans channels, the spherical earth suspended in space, the act of washing our hands with running water, and many other verses that point to scientific truths.) Yet these things were written about at a time long before humanity had discovered them officially.

  • The trustworthiness of people in our world leadership. I had not realized this until I was out of highschool. I was profoundly upset to find out that there are people who are in official and important positions in our government that are self-serving and not looking to improve the lives of the American people, nor any other people besides themselves. I will not name drop on this post.

If you disagree about that last one, no worries. Though I have seen enough and done enough research on this topic, that is not what this post is all about.

The point of this post is that as a truth seeker, I have learned that the truth will be revealed when you seek it first. The lies that I have believed in my lifetime were always either the product of my personal feelings, my personal beliefs, or the product of a lie that someone told me when I was young. The difference that was made in my life is that I learned how to do my own research, and how to be open to the truth when it’s presented to me regardless of my personal feeling, belief at the time, or limits other people have set on me. In doing my own research, I discovered that this world is full of lies. I also discovered that when information is authentically true, then it is unable to be contradicted. Anyone trying to contradict the authentic truth will not have any real premise beyond the three points I just gave. If someone is denying authentic truth then they either have personal feelings in the way, personal interests that they want to be true, or they have been told this info by someone they believe in, without doing much or any follow up research for authentication.

Facts are facts, and opinions are opinions. There are some facts that can be backed up, and therefore are authenticated and verifiable. A piece of information that is not proven should then be considered, researched, and contemplated until the truth of the matter is discovered. They then are either proven by verified facts, or they are disproven by verified facts, making them a falsity.

The reason I am saying this is because in the world today, there are many people around the world who are trying to bring truth to light. Many of these truth-speakers are only heard by a small amount of people because of what is called “censoring”. Censoring is the act of blocking a person from his/her ability to speak on certain platforms.

One thing that has been a great inclusion of the United States of America in our history is the ability to have freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means you can say whatever you believe needs to be said. There are always restrictions to this, however now there are more restrictions than ever and even more being created. I see this as a major issue, and one that is completely unnecessary.

This is the truth that I wrote this post to share with you: When the truth is sought after, and willing to be accepted no matter how you or anyone else feels, thinks, or was taught growing up, then that truth will always surface. If there are lies being told by massive amounts of people, then the people may be deceived for a time, however the truth will eventually come out, leading to the acceptance of truth, leading to the awakening of the masses from a perspective based in a lie to one that is authentic and true. it is only when censoring happens that massive amounts of people can be deceived without any access to truthful information! That is why we have to protect our right to the freedom of speech!

I believe in our platform, In A New Way, and it’s ability to be a shared space that truth seekers can go to for anything that may benefit their lives. Our website and the people on it have no restrictions, besides the one restriction of only sharing the information which is believed to be able to benefit people’s lives. On our website, we can have real conversations and learn real techniques that can enhance our lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually! We are open to conversation if there are any disagreements, and we are willing to speak respectfully to one another for the intended purpose of finding truth. Without any other place online quite like In A New Way, we feel absolutely blessed to host the unique platform which from The very start has shared positive, truthful, and life transformational information in a world full of lies and negativity. We truly have an opportunity to do amazing things here, and we see that every person alive is a walking talking miracle! Our prayer is that your time spent at this website will enable you to be an even bigger miracle in people’s lives by accepting the truth that we have to share, integrating it into your life just as we have, and sharing your own truth so that others may benefit from your unique perspective! Thank you for reading this post and joining us as truth seekers, finders, and ambassadors! Remember to like this post and share it with anyone who can benefit from reading what we have to say!

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