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While we are doing any activity, we have thoughts and feel emotion (or E-motion, energy in motion), and our brains respond to these thoughts and emotions. This causes chemical responses that can directly influence, stimulate, and depress us. What we consume, what we think, and our daily habits all have potential to help us grow or cause unnecessary pain and suffering, so it is important to choose our daily habits wisely! The question that this article is intending to reach is this; "What has the most influence over your mental, physical, and emotional health?" The truth is, that all depends on us. Our emotions are not always involuntary, meaning we can choose our emotions with the right intention, followed by the right actions. In fact, it is within our capability to choose any emotion we want to feel at any moment! With practice, we can get better at harnessing our power to choose emotional responses. At this point in human history we have a lot happening that can throw us off emotionally, physically, and mentally. Here are a few simple reasons why having a handle on our emotions and our minds is important;

1. Emotional reality has more power than words or thoughts without any emotional feeling behind them. Being happy is much healthier and more beneficial to us than saying we are happy, without feeling the actual emotion.

2. Emotions have a direct impact on our physical and mental health. Thousands of studies conclude that our mental health and thinking patterns can also directly impact our body and our emotional well-being. Thoughts create feelings.

3. When our minds remember past events, they cause emotional and neural responses similar and sometimes even identical to how we responded during the real-life event. See this Link for more info.

4. Words are powerful! Name almost any celebrity and they will have gotten where they are because of the words they said, the thoughts they acted on, and the words that were passed along by friends, social media, and person-to-person. Your words have the ability to help, manipulate, harm, enlighten, and manifest in other people’s lives. If you are curious about what I mean by this, reach out and Contact me for more details.

5. Thoughts and emotion precede action! If you enjoy this post so far, and have gained some value from it, then you have an opportunity to put your thoughts and feelings into action! Passing these words along is important! Like and share this post to bring this powerful information to more people!

To sum things up so far, no matter who you are, YOU ARE A POWERFUL INFLUENCE! You have a hugely important influence on other people, and on yourself. The influence and the ability that you have on yourself and others depends on the words, thoughts, and actions you choose to express. Let yourself discern and connect with the right influences, then let go of the bad ones, and you will live a very healthy, abundant, and positive lifestyle! That lifestyle will be one centered toward love rather than fear! The people who love others and themselves without conditions or a hidden agenda are always the best teachers and DO-ERS of accomplishing the life of their dreams!

The following questions are posed for your own reflection, and are designed to assist you in reaching a more authentic & empowered lifestyle.

Below is a link showing spirals of emotions that we can feel. While you look at this wheel, consider to yourself which emotions you feel most often. Which ones do you have a desire to feel more often? Which emotions could be sabotaging, or building towards your life goals? How do your thoughts support and create these emotions? What types of thoughts do you believe could be integrated more often to help you in reaching personal goals, and creating more positive emotions?

Now here is a powerful question to consider... Can restful activities influence our lives as much as physical activities? To answer this, we will put it into the analogy of a fictional book.

What is the most important, real experience that occurs when you’re reading? Often books and movies can cause emotional, (E-motion, Energy in motion) and mental reactions that are very real, whether fiction or non-fiction. Reading fiction is generally intended to be an enjoyable and entertaining time. The stories are written to create an emotional, imagination-stimulating experience. In order to accomplish this, fiction often includes many real-world concepts and ideas woven into the stories. Whether you enjoy romance, adventure, or even horror novels, I am sure you can agree with that! We respond to books and other forms of entertainment in different ways, depending on the genre. The first response comes emotionally and mentally, then sometimes transfers to physical reactions and actions. Emotions, as we have already read in this article, are connected intimately with our thoughts. On top of that, thoughts are often a precursor to action. Emotions are what we feel in direct response to whatever book we are reading, movie we are watching, or anything that we are consuming as far as entertainment. Meanwhile, physically, our bodies are still active. Our bodies are working day and night as a wonderfully intricate system that can fill libraries with just the DNA codes and variations. (Here is some more info.) While book reading and doing other restful activities, on the outside it seems like we are just using our eyes to soak in what we are looking at. This is not even remotely close to everything that is going on! While we are soaking in the pages of words, our emotions and thoughts are in continuous motion. Our mind is almost always chattering, giving us beneficial, and sometimes harmful information and illustrations in our imagination. On top of that, it is widely accepted that the more that we focus on what we are thinking, the more powerful those thoughts register in the body that is harboring them. The more energy we put into thought with our focus, the more powerfully those thoughts will manifest. Click this link for more info.

Now consider this question, “What if restful activities influence our health as much as physical activities?” We are where we are in life because of choices we make. Past mistakes are past, but as we know, memory can have a powerful influence on the present moment. Additionally, memories, physical burdens, and mental scars can be taken with us in life. Here is the good news; right now, we can harness the ability to unlock our potential to be the best we can be! Every moment is a choice, and the choices we make, make us who we are! Our life is essentially a series of direct influences, responses, and memories accumulated over time. Remember, those memories have potential to cause emotional responses and brain chemistry that is IDENTICAL TO when the event of the memory actually happened. (SEE LINK)

Studies prove that emotions that we feel, especially the emotions that we feel a large percentage of the time, can cause our bodies to manifest disease or health. Read this article to learn more! Stress symptoms: Effects on your body and behavior

That is powerful information in and of itself, and completely life changing to my own personal study! Our emotions literally fight against or for our bodies. The same goes with how our mind thinks. We can torment ourselves mentally and be worse than a school bully to ourselves, or we can be our own positive cheerleader and life coach! Understanding when to be these two is important to understand. Cheer-leading is well and good, and positive affirmations can be effective in grounding us emotionally. However, coaching involves more than just those affirmations. You cannot expect to manifest food on your stove if you don’t get up and prepare it yourself! This shows us that in reality, positive affirmations are not always enough. In many cases (but not all, as the picture being painted in this post will show), in order to be fully effective, we often have to act on the affirmations! Imagine you are sitting in bed one morning, and you pray for a meal. There is food on the stove that your significant other is already busy cooking. You still will have to get up to eat your food, unless your exceedingly wonderful husband or wife brings it to you. When, in the case of a wonderful bride/groom they bring the food to you, sometimes he or she will bring a giant hearty plate in and plop it right on your lap in bed! Otherwise, you might yell for them to bring you some food, and what they bring may be less than what you wanted. Hopefully you respond politely in that case, then you get your lazy butt up to get the meal yourself. In the beginning of this real-life-scenario you prayed for a plate of food. The result was, asking for and working on manifesting the meal succeeded! Whether that success was a direct result of the prayer or not is an interesting question to ponder, and one that I will always love speaking with others about. The main event in this scenario is that you prayed and BOP there’s a plate of food on your lap. The point being made is that our prayers and our desires can manifest in many different ways, and sometimes you must take the proper actions to be able to gain what you want. Here is a link for more. Let us know in the comments what you think! Do you believe that genuine, emotional prayer can increase the ability you have to manifest something in your life? Why or why not?

Some level of action is needed in most cases when it comes to manifestation. You cannot say “I love myself” over and over, expecting that the feeling of self-love will just magically appear. The results that we seek when making positive affirmations are accessible to us and made available by our free will. We gain as little or as many results as we choose to gain. We either do or don’t accept what is given to us, and what we are capable of producing ourselves. In my personal belief system, we gain what we give (wholeheartedly) to others tenfold. Either way, manifestation is something that is easily taught, and can be taught to you, but it is not easily measured. Statistically, some manifestations are proven more than others. One of these that happens to be documented in the medical field has to do with chronic lower back pain, which is often connected with a lack of forgiveness of all things! Many people who have gone to multiple doctors, looking for a remedy for their lower back pain, find results in dealing with deep rooted emotional un-forgiveness. This is an amazing phenomena, with huge implications about our biological-emotional connection! (See the following Links) LINK1; LINK2;

More examples pertaining to measurable manifestation are the health benefits of laughing, which are actually proven to keep our skin looking younger, and our immune systems stronger. Additionally, there are great health benefits or struggles that are connected with lower or higher stress levels in people. LINK1; LINK2;

My best advice to conclude this post is to simply do your best. Be a helping hand to your emotional, mental, and physical self today! The positive results that many people experience can happen for you too, without any doubt! Visit the links and let’s get even deeper into this powerful information. We will be available to speak together daily in A New Way about the information that shows us that emotions, actions, thoughts, intentions, and words all have results that can be very good or very bad for our bodies.

Here are some articles linked for your interest and further research!

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