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The Pandemic Opportunity

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

This post is not intended to anger or upset anyone with alternative viewpoints on a touchy subject. All of our posts, in fact our entire platform, is intended to begin conversation that can present helpful and possibly life-changing information to the people needing it most. If you have a differing viewpoint, please read the whole post before responding! In this post I want to start by restating that intention because the ideas I share with you here are currently still somewhat controversial in many people's minds. We at A New Way always share whatever links that we can provide you. This is so that you have the ability to see the authenticated information for yourself. If you have anything to add, please emulate the good leader within you, and present the evidence for your possibly differing viewpoints as well. Again, we at A New Way are not going to argue or bicker, we intend to have stimulating and interesting conversations that stay respectful. That being said, we all have different worldviews and we invite you to share them confidently, even passionately at times! We will see where the information takes us as an online community! We invite you to take the adventure with us to deeper truth and deeper understanding of our reality, and ourselves.

Now on to the information itself. Earlier this week, I was reading a newspaper... Yes, an actual physical newspaper, not a digital document or an article on social media. While reading the paper I came across a very interesting article. The newspaper I was reading was called "The Epoch Times" and you can click that name to see their website. The article I came across was about the same subject that the paper seems to most often be focused on lately. That topic was the pandemic that the world is currently going through, called the corona virus or covid-19. This virus has been a big change for everybody, and a very scary thing to face for some. For other people it has become an opportunity to connect with the deeper aspects of themselves and of life itself. This mindset is aligned with the intention and purpose of A New Way! That intention is to connect you to empowering information and greater understanding of life, as well as to promote healthy conversations and thinking patterns. During this pandemic we have a chance to do exactly that, and I very much support cultivating these. This is important for everyone to do, especially during this situation keeping us inside for a much longer amount of time than usual. The article I read showed me a new and simultaneously ancient way of looking at what the world currently faces. I am taking the opportunity to share this information that could be life changing with you! I also urge you all to take the opportunity to learn something new every day, and maybe try learning a new hobby or skill while you are spending more time at home! Thank you, and please share this post with anyone you know if you enjoy the article as much as I do!

Read the Article I read here!

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