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SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that your emotions, thoughts, and words all influence your body's health.

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Let's begin with a question.

Can restful activities like reading books have an impact on our bodies as much as physical activities, such as running? If you are thinking of an answer, or if you have any other questions, please Contact me. You are also invited to meet us in the comments section when you are done reading this article in order to share your answer and to ask any questions you may have!

Often books and movies can cause emotional, and mental reactions that are very real, whether the stories are fictional or non-fictional. Fiction is generally intended to entertain us and cause emotional reactions. Often at times there are non-fictional elements included within these works of fiction. Whether you enjoy romance, adventure, or even horror novels, I am sure you have noticed examples of this. We respond in different ways depending on the genre, first emotionally and mentally, then physically. Emotions are connected intimately with thoughts, and thoughts are in most cases the precursor to action. Emotions are felt commonly as an immediate response to something that is taking place in the outside world. During leisurely activities such as sitting down and reading a book, physically our bodies are still active despite very little movement. Our bodies are working day and night as a wonderfully intricate system that can, amazingly enough, fill entire libraries with just the DNA codes within their cells. Find out how much DNA is in our bodies, click here and how many times that same DNA can stretch to the moon and back HERE!

On the outside, during "inactive" activities we are mostly just using our eyes to soak in what we are looking at, and our ears to hear. While we are soaking in the outside world our emotions and thoughts are in constant energetic motion. Our mind is almost always chattering, creating ingenious, ignorant, healing, and sometimes harmful Illustrations. These influences of the mind come to us through Imagination, our senses, and new or old information and experiences. On top of that, the more that we are focused on what we are thinking, the more powerful those thoughts have influence in the body. The more energy we put into a thought through our focused attention, the more that thought will manifest. (Here is an article to learn more!)

What does all of this have to do with the question, “Can restful activities influence our health as much as physical activities?”? If the emotions and thoughts we have affect our bodies, and just simply imagining working out actually does cause significant muscle growth for example (SEE LINK), then we can conclude that it is possible that the patterns of thoughts and emotions in our lives are indeed influencing our health!

We are where we are in life because of choices we make. Past mistakes are past and right now we can choose to unlock our potential to live a lifestyle that is fulfilling. Every moment is a choice, and those choices make us who we are, along with memories, physical repercussions, and mental scars that we take with us. Our life is essentially a series of direct influences, responses, decisions, and memories accumulated in over time.

Memories can cause emotional responses and brain chemistry that is identical to the emotional feeling at the time of it actually happening. (SEE LINK)

Studies show that emotions that we feel, especially the emotions that we feel a large percentage of the time, can cause our bodies to manifest disease or health. (Another Interesting Link for You)

The ball is in your hands...

That is powerful information, and completely life changing to me personally when I discovered it for myself. Our emotions literally fight with or against our bodies. Positive emotions produce a healthier body and negative emotions produce a less healthy body. The same goes for when our human body is unhealthy, people are more likely to have negative feelings and emotions. This also applies to the mind and how healthy out thoughts are. When we hold positive thoughts AND feelings, our bodies physically respond to those thoughts and feelings. Be careful to have charge over your inner world, because the emotional, mental, and physical repercussions from those positive thoughts and feelings also applies negatively when we have negative thoughts and feelings.

We can torment ourselves mentally and be worse than a bully to ourselves, or we can be our own positive mentor and friend! Positive affirmations can be emotionally grounding for us. However, training ourselves to be healthy emotionally, mentally and physically involves more than just those affirmations. Positive affirmations are like holding onto a promise you once told yourself but not acting to fulfill that promise... You are desiring an outcome but still only hoping and wishing. That action is only as powerful as the focus it takes to hold onto that positive affirmation. Put simply, the positive affirmation is like a baseball, and to get a result we have to do more than just hold onto that ball. We have to let also use our strength to throw it in the right direction. Now you have the option to take action and throw it, but just standing there staring at the ball is going to get you nowhere. Throwing that positive affirmation is your added actions toward the desire that you have. You have to throw it to home plate and that involves knowing which direction to throw and how to aim. The direction you're desiring to go with these positive affirmations has usually already been worked out by someone somewhere, so connecting with those people who have succeeded already in what you are trying to accomplish is important. You have the power to win this game, the ball is in your hands, but you have to do more than just hope and wish. Once you take action and throw, the ball is out of your hands. Be prepared for any outcome and readily accept the results of your best try. If your throw is off or something goes wrong and you do not receive the desired outcome, then you have gained better understanding of what not to do, plus, in trying your best you are now more prepared to try again! (Here is a link) for more.

The actions that we take in order to make something happen is vital to our success. This is the key that we all have to manifest by choice if we are to get to where we want to be in life. Action is needed. You cannot say “I love myself” over and over, thinking that the love will just magically appear even though you may still be thinking bullying thoughts about yourself at other times. The love and harmony we seek as a result of making positive affirmations needs to be built up, accepted, and harnessed by our free will. We accept as little or as much of that as we choose. In my personal belief we gain what we give (wholeheartedly).

Manifestation is something that is easily taught, but not easily measured. Statistically some manifestations are proven more than others. I will now share an example of the manifestation power of thoughts and inner feelings. This example was somewhat surprising and very interesting to me when I found out about it. The example is this; researchers have found in a preliminary study that a lack of forgiveness may be linked to higher amounts of physical pain. See the following LINK

To conclude this post, my best advice for you is to be a helping hand to your emotional, mental, and physical self today. The positive results that many people experience can happen for you too, without any doubt! Visit the provided links to dive even deeper into this powerful information. We will be available to speak here at In A New Way about the studies that prove that our emotions, actions, thoughts, intentions, and our words all can have consequences that can be both good or bad for our bodies. Make steps today by applying the many teachings on our website that can aid you in overcoming the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back in life, and help you master your own ability to stay positive!

Extra links to take you four steps further!

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Noah Hanson
Noah Hanson
Oct 11, 2019

That’s right Bill! Now science has concluded the attitudes, intent, and emotions we have really does affect our physical bodies. They can help or harm things outside of us! More is on the way on this subject and expanding on new discoveries in recent years!!!


Very interesting subject. Our minds are far more powerful than most people realize. We can easily improve or sabotage our life situations just by the attitude we take in approaching them.


Noah Hanson
Noah Hanson
Sep 16, 2019

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