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Video-Game Camp!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

In the following article I will be telling you about a unique experience I had as a summer camp counselor.

For my summer job at the age of 21, I worked as a youth camp counselor at a camp which resides on a gorgeous lakeshore. For two weeks of the summer, I counseled a week-long group camp during which it was our job to bring video games to life. This particular camp was designed to keep us active, learning, and having fun all week! Both the kids and adult gamers especially enjoyed this eventful week-long camp. Everyone at the camp young and old sang, participated in music and games, and learned on a daily basis! As the camp counselors, it was our job to replicate the same video games that campers would play for short intervals inside. The camp definitely appealed to kids who enjoy video games. Even so, the week for the majority of time was held in the outdoors!

Video game camp did a great deal of good for everyone who attended the camp that week. It is always important to balance our bodies and our minds by working out, strengthening our minds, and relaxing. There is even scientific evidence that proves going outside and being active just by walking for 20 minutes can have a positive impact on our brain activity. Here is a link for you to see that right now.

It is truly amazing that only a short amount of time walking outdoors can do so much for our health! Imagine how good it is for us to spend hours outdoors stimulating our imaginative minds while at the same time challenging ourselves, and developing our physical abilities! My hope is that the campers realized that switching it up between video games and outdoor activities regularly is far more healthy and fulfilling in the long run! The benefits of spending time outdoors even for just 20 minutes a day can be life-changing!

That is why I plan to raise any children I have in an environment where they can get a healthy amount of outdoor playtime. I realize the benefits of this even more so after attending this summer camp. I was very blessed in life to have been raised with a appreciation of the outdoors. You can see the land I wjere i spent a lot of time by Watching this video that I recorded on a short walk. In it, you will see at least two of my three dogs and myself while I speak about 3 important steps aiding me to let go of worries and positively deal with many situations in life!

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is because this information is worth telling! You, dear reader, NO MATTER WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN, have a value that is worthwhile! The way I am blessed to share this short post with you is something that I do not take for granted, so I will continue sharing short posts such as this more often going into the future! I will look forward to meeting you in the comments! Thank you!

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