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1. I will always unquestionably Love and be Loved by Jesus Christ!!!

2. A detailed bio is waiting for you at our website's "about me" page, thank you for taking the short 5 minutes to connect with me!!

3. I encourage everyone on this website at any time to seek similarities and the "good" in one another. Speak to myself and/or one another. (see "forums" page) Speak with honesty, with respect, "authenticate" your truth however you can. Do this with your words, include anything that you feel is appropriate, (let's use common sense on this website people, children could be reading and watching what you say)

In addition to that, let's make a decision to be open to people's ideas, and at the same time entitled to our own... with maturity and decent character, we can "authenticate" our truth the best ways possible!

Sometimes we feel the need to prove ourselves in a "battle of the minds". This may cause anger or frustration. That is why it is with extreme emphasis I point out that children could be reading what you are typing. We are all adults, and this in no way is Facebook, where people are allowed the ability to slander another person and speak without respect. Here is the thing, when someone is proven to be a genuine person, whether they are factually 100% true, What matters is that they were morally in the right place or are now morally corrected and on the right track.... deep, I know, and 100% true in my life. Factual information is good, and by all means we are all for sharing that on this website as much as possible. Our website gets deeper than that though, it is not just about what we authentically know, it is about who we authentically ARE! (+ also WHO you authentically know, . . . you know?)

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