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    Thank you for being here!  No matter who you are, I am humbled that you are taking the time to read about me.  Maybe you know me, maybe you don't, either way all of you are a blessing in my life just by reading and being here!  I am even more blessed and want to personally thank all of you who decide to participate by contributing to our Patreon page, or commenting on any of the videos, podcasts, or blog posts!  We all have a lot to share on this site and I look forward to a great time and great relationships being shared here! 

    Now let's get into who I am... first of all, I am the creator and founder of A New Way, the center for genuine connection, profound discoveries, and authenticated truth.  I am 23 years old, and through hard work and dedication I have created this brand new type of company.  In my life's journey I have been profoundly blessed... in a few short years I have accumulated some wonderful adventures and experiences worth sharing with you.  I have been all sorts of places exploring the continental USA, as well as my own consciousness.  So far I have taken two journeys that brought about my third journey which is an entirely new way of living that keeps on going on a daily basis. 

    I took those journeys around America with the purpose and intention to find my personal path to prosperity, and the truest aspects of self, enlightenment, and freedom.  What those journeys resulted in was a purified discovery of myself.  I also gained clarity, and a feeling of purpose that I had never known in my life before.  The first time that I ever traveled outside of my home state of WI solo, I drove to the eastern cities in CO.  That took place the summer after graduating high school in 2015.  The second time was during the summer of 2017, traveling by way of my own two feet and the kindness that a large family of "strangers" showed me.  I left with only a backpack and the feeling that life would never be the same. That hitchhike took me all the way to Los Angeles, the city of Angels. 

    During that journey a lot of progress was made physically, spiritually, and mentally, along with a ton of memories I can never forget.  People showed me immense kindness on the trip and I was put in front of many people who's words helped me see the world in a new way.  I began to realize that there were more wonderful things surrounding me everyday that I had not been aware of until then.  This second adventure and powerful journey ended at it's peak in Los Angeles with a very serious injury that I do not have many details on, although the day of that injury is forever a memory I hold dearly in my heart. 

    The injury sent me back to Wisconsin.  Recovering has given me a lot of time to continue my self discovery and to pray, reflect, and learn.  I have now recovered from my injuries and discovered more about the truth of who I am and the nature of reality.  I understand now the reasons for the events in my past that I have gone through to get here. This website is where I have been manifesting an awesome meeting place for us all to tell stories, share insights, and lift each other up with authenticated truth.  Here on A New Way, we can discover the gifts that are most valuable to other people and that are most important to who we are. 

    Honesty is key to true personal success, and I will never pass judgement on anyone for their personal beliefs or ideas.  Things that seem wonderful to one person will not appeal to everyone else.  My life mission statement is to create a spiritually mature environment for people to share their best selves, and to be the walking, talking example of spiritual authenticity in other people's lives.  Here we can trust that your words and participation will be gratefully accepted.  In A New Way all that is required is to be respectful of all perspectives present.  Shutting down others in a rude way and responding to disrespectful comments is not encouraged.  In the case of there being any ill-intent with any other person, you have the ability to contact me below, or through the links page!  Anyways, I am proud to be here with you all. Together, we will be taking our next big adventure in A New Way!


Gratefully here with you,

Noah M. Hanson

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