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Connecting with Curiosity

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

There is a driving force in all of our lives that has humongous importance to who we are and where we go in life. That force, is curiosity! Curiosity often connects us with love, but it can also be a connector to more dangerous situations. Here is what I mean; Curiosity is a natural and powerful aspect of wellness, spiritual experience, and growth. Think about it, really! We can get deeper too. We believe that a healthy dose of curiosity is absolutely vital to our health! Understanding ideas that make up our beliefs takes a determined, curious attitude to keep us going while we are looking for answers. When self discipline is applied with the intention to do good, benevolent work, then we start to realize answers to all of our questions. We must discipline ourselves daily in the way we are acting, thinking, and allowing ourselves to feel, whether healthy or unhealthy. There are some things so absolutely true that no matter what anyone does, they cannot change it. It is healthy to be curious when we realize the "normal" way of life introduced to us by society are at best limited. Have you ever looked up at the stars? There is a lot to be curious about, and a lot more to learn and discover in life. Let's make sure to connect with curiosity in the best forms that it comes in. Choose the side of love. That is what is important to our health, happiness, and to our souls.

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